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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Time keeps ticking along...

Hi everyone! We haven't posted in a few weeks, so I thought I would share what has been going on for us. Brian reports that he has received lots of packages lately, and is very appreciative! I just mailed out his Christmas tree, and for those of you that are planning on sending packages in time for the holidays the cutoff they have set for Brian's FOB is NOV 21st, just a little over a week and a half away! The post office says priority mail can still be sent up through Dec 4th, but as Brian's FOB doesn't get mail as often as some of the others they have suggested the more conservative estimate of Nov 21. The big news where Brian is includes the addition of more electricity generators - which mean a minimum of 1 hot meal a day, and an ice cream cooler! (This is apparently BIG news :) )

Here in Texas, things have been going well. I enjoyed a wonderful visit with my Mom, and we put together a crib for Aidan (I'll post pictures soon). Thanks to Mom and Dad Kasarjian for purchasing this much needed item! I ended my 90 day tasking working for the Warrior Transition Brigade, and am now back at the Department of Social Work providing post-deployment support as a member of the Care Manager Program.

I am looking forward to my upcoming trip to Chicago for a conference, and the opportunity to spend time with some of my best friends from college, Caroline and Colleen! I must admit I am also looking forward to the opportunity to eat good food and do some holiday shopping as well.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and with it my visit from Aunt Karen and Uncle Wayne! They will be driving in from Santa Fe, New Mexico and I am excited to share my home and the eclectic vibe of Austin with them! They will also be accompanying me as I prepare a special surprise for Brian (which will also be shared with each of you!)

We have enjoyed seeing photos of everyone's Halloween festivities - the costumes have been wonderful! We miss and love you all, Katie and Brian

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