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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Looking at renovations...

Some big changes are afoot in the Murphy household! After several months of being unsure of what our near future would hold, we now have a concrete plan in place.  Brian has been offered an Active Duty position at Fort Hamilton, NY (in Brooklyn), and will report there in December of this year.  Katie will be completing her active duty commitment at Fort Hood, and will transition to the National Guard in late summer while going back to school full time (first on the agenda is completing a post-bac pre-med program so that she can apply to and hopefully gain admission to medical school).  

Since we now know definitively that we will be moving to New York in the next year, it's time to start planning the renovations! Today I thought I would share some "current" (hopefully soon to be "before") pictures with you so you can see where we are starting from.  Over the next few weeks I'll add photos of renovation ideas I'm playing with in my head - and would love any/all advice and feedback!!  Some areas of the house will only require minor cosmetic changes (refinishing floors, new paint or wallpaper) while other will require a complete gut/remodel.  The house was built in the 1950's by Brian's grandparents, and very few changes have occured since that time. 

We'll work with the interior of the house first - so here is a first look!

The living room (which stretches from front to rear of the house)

Fireplace in the living room.  The door to the left leads to a sun porch, and an (unseen) door on the right leads to a den area.

The staircase leading to the second floor, located in the front entryway
View of the current kitchen

Another view of the kitchen

The ground floor bathroom

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom

Kids / Guest Bathroom

Kids/Guest Bathroom view 2