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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Successful Surgery

Due to concerns over successive ear infections, Aidan recently had PE tubes placed in his ears. The tubes should fall out on their own in 6-18 months and reduce the risk of long term hearing loss or repetitive use of antibiotics. The procedure was short, but Aidan was put under general anesthesia. He did great! He was a little disoriented at first but was back to his usual self by the next day. We snapped this shot about a half hour after the procedure.

Welcome Fall!

It's been a busy October! Babci Kasarjian recently came for a visit and Aidan, Mommy and Daddy all loved spending time with her. We took a trip to the Sweetberry Farm Pumpkin Patch and enjoyed a beautiful fall day! Aidan just had his fifth tooth poke through, and enjoys lots of different foods! He is beginning to mash up pieces of fruit and vegetables and enjoys different flavored "puffs". He loves playing peek-a-boo, knocking over stacks of cups, "walking" in his baby walker and trying to pet his kitty and puppy. He still hasn't mastered the conventional crawl, but certainly is able to move around and get where he wants to go using a type of heaving and pulling method. We hope you enjoy these new photos, they are beginning to showcase the personality we are so excited to see every day!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Chompers!

It's been a week filled with teething, but Aidan's top two front teeth have emerged as a result! The little man now officially has his front four teeth...and is trying new foods every day! We think he might be a little closer to crawling, but he continues with his rocking, scooting and squirming. We'll be sure to post when the big event occurs! Hope all is well with each of you!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sitting Handsome...

After a few weeks of toying around with the idea, Aidan has officially been sitting on his own for about a week! We test drove his new sitting ability at the grocery store, and he has graduated to sitting in the cart like a big boy :) He has a new cart seat cover (mom and dad are a little phobic of Aidan eating cart germs) and just loves to look around at all the other kids and the colors he sees in the store. He is also VERY close to crawling, it's been about three weeks of rocking and another week of essentially what boils down to throwing himself backwards (when he's trying to go forward).

Monday, September 7, 2009

6 month birthday!

We can't believe it, but Aidan is 6 months old! He gets cuter and cuter every day (we may or may not be biased). We've been neglecting our posting responsibilities lately, and we apologize. We hope these new photos will help make up for it!

We've been busy, with Kate traveling for work and spending her first nights away from Aidan since he was born (yes, there were some tears). Brian did a great job of taking care of Aidan and waking up for the middle of the night feedings. They are starting to become less frequent, and we continue to hope that a full nights sleep is not too far away!

Brian and Aidan traveled to meet Kate in Albuquerque while she was out there for a conference, and we all met up with Aunt Karen and Uncle Wayne in Santa Fe and enjoyed a great visit!

Uncle Liam stopped by on his way home from California and spent some time with us as well. Aidan loves playing with his uncle LiLi!

This past weekend, we traveled to Dallas to see Aidan's godfather Jared and his wife Jenn who were in town to visit her brother. We don't get to see them very often, so we were excited to be able to catch them while they were in Texas :)

In developmental news, Aidan is getting closer to sitting up on his own (he currently last for a few seconds before listing to one side or the other) as well as crawling (he is doing a sort of crab-walk type move, and can scoot a couple of feet by inching along like a worm). He is extremely proficient at rolling, and still loves anything Elmo!

Friday, July 31, 2009


Mom caught me blowing raspberries a few days ago and thought you might enjoy! I'm in a much better mood these days after getting my first two teeth! I don't let mom and dad see in my mouth very much, but when I do, I'm sure you'll all get pictures!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Since we've been home...

Aidan has enjoyed rice cereal and sweet potatoes; learned how to screech and make raspberry noises,played outside in his new pool and is rolling from back to front! We'll post more pictures (and hopefully a movie once we remember to catch him in the act of rolling!) soon!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Massachusetts & Vermont

New York & Aidan's Christening

Christening photos to be added - if you have any, email them to us! In all the hustle and bustle we forgot to pass off our own camera for pictures!

Aidan with the ladies - a flirt already!

The Godfather and Godson

We made a quick trip to Philly to see our friends Chris and Jen get married - Congrats!!

Early June Update

We know, we know. We're later than late on our Aidan updates. But, because so much has happened in the past month, we are going to need to break this into several blog posts.

We spent early June reintegrating as a family (Everyone is trying to snuggle in with Dad!)

Kate had her promotion ceremony at work (we are now CPTs Murphy - effective 16 May!)


Aidan took a venture in his new Tummy Tub - Yes, Kate saw it on the Today Show while on maternity leave and got suckered :)

Enjoying a "Welcome Home" visit from Grandpa Murphy and Uncle LiLi.