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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Aidan - 1, Pnemonia - 0

We wanted to let everyone know that our tough little man pulled through and Aidan is now recovering at home. Aidan became very sick on Monday and was admitted to the hospital with bilateral intrastatial bacterial pnemonia and Sepsis. Dad did a great job of bringing him in and making sure that he got the care he needed. The little man was having quite a tough time, with difficulty breathing, low blood pressure/reduction of blood flow to the extremeties, a temp over 103 degrees, and a white cell count over 18,000. He was a real champ with multiple chest x-rays, blood draws, urine samples, iv sites, oxygen and breathing treatments. He did not care to be hooked up to anything, but eventually realized those darn nurses would continue to re-attach him to the various devices and succumbed to the pressure and gave up. He's doing so much better now, but still has awhile to go before the full infection has run its course. We have a few more tests to be run later in the week, but wanted to share that he is now recuperating at home. Thank you all for keeping our brave little man in your thoughts this past week!