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Sunday, September 21, 2008


Thanks to everyone who have sent candy and other nice things.  I've passed a lot of the candy out to my soldiers in the shop and they were happy to get it.  

My address has changed to:

CPT Brian Murphy
HHC, 2-7 CAV, 4/1 CD
FOB Garry Owen
APO AE 09331

Thanks again! I appreciate all of your support.

Friday, September 12, 2008

whirly bird

Hey this is me in a Blackhawk helicopter.  Always a fun ride, with lots of breeze.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Catching Up

Hello Everyone! It's been a busy month of August here in Texas.  I was out of town for about three weeks, first in Albuquerque, NM for the annual Force Health Protection Conference (see photos below from my trip up Sandia Peak on the Tram!) then to San Antonio, TX to train with Dr. Edna Foa on implementing prolonged exposure therapy into the Army "bank" of effective treatments for PTSD.

 Following all of these trips for work, I was able to make a fun trip to visit Uncle Dave and Aunt Joan in Cincinnati for labor day weekend and their annual fireworks party.

Aunt Joan and I went down to watch the duck race (the rubber ducks were joined by the real ducks, who were helping to herd them back into their barriers; see middle picture) but we're still not sure who won.  A lot of the rubber duckies seemed to be great escape artists.  The last photo is the view of downtown Cincinnati from the deck of their condo.  What a great place to watch the fireworks from!

In other news, a few congratulations are in order.  First a big Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your retirement to Mom Kasarjian.  Sep 1 was the official day for both, and I'm glad I was able to spend it with you!  Next, congratulations to our brothers, Brian and Liam.  Both are beginning new jobs in the first two weeks of September, Brian with the Plymouth Public School System as a permanent substitute teacher and assistant soccer coach at Plymouth South, and Liam with Westchester County in the Human Resource Department.  Liam will also be continuing as the assistant soccer coach at Iona Prep.  It is interesting to note that both brothers are now employed alongside their fathers.  I guess the Counties and Towns in Massachusetts and New York like the Murphy and Kasarjian men!

Finally, below you'll find the photos I've promised of our house and pets.  Since many of you have not met our girls yet, Maggie is our 1 year 9 month German Shepard/Australian Shepard mix, and Alli is our 4 1/2 year old cat.  Maggie wants to be Alli's friend, but she won't have any of it.  You'll constantly find Alli swatting at Maggie from a countertop or couch.  

We hope this post finds each of you doing well.  One last item that I almost forgot - Brian's unit held a "town hall" meeting with the Brigade commander where families were able to be updated about the current mission and living conditions and ask questions of the command.  If anyone is interested in watching it or finding out more about 4th Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, head over to  .  The link to the town hall is on the homepage, on the right hand side.  You can also check out his current unit, 2-7 Cavalry, under the "our Units" and "4th Brigade" tabs.  If you do watch the town hall, Brian is still currently moving back and forth between COB Adder at Talil and COB Garry Owen, closer to the Iranian border.  That's all for now, we miss you all !
Love, Kate