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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Aidan is two months old!

Things here in Texas are trucking along. Aidan and I are getting used to our new routine of work and daycare. It's been three weeks, and I think we are finally getting the hang of it. We can't wait until Daddy comes home - less than a month now! It's been so exciting to watch Aidan grow and I can't wait to share every moment with Brian. He has recently been smiling and cooing and is finally outgrowing colic. I think he is starting to recognize me as well, but I'm not too sure. When he's awake he's much more alert- curious at whats going on around him.

In other news, we have booked our trip up north! We hope that you all will enjoy meeting Aidan! We will be flying into NY on June 24th to visit the Murphy's and will remain there through the 28th, when we will celebrate Aidan's Christening at Immaculate Heart Of Mary. After this we will travel to Massachusetts to see the Kasarjian side before enjoying a few days to ourselves for our first family vacation!

I've attached some newer pictures of Aidan below, enjoy!

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