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Monday, March 30, 2009


For all you Aidan watchers out there, we apologize for the delay in blog postings. We've had several strong storms here in Texas lately, and the internet was out for about a week and a half. Now that it's back up, we have some updates to share!

First, we all enjoyed a visit with Grandma Murphy (and I think she enjoyed meeting Aidan too!) while Brian was still here. We were able to spend a week with her enjoying her company, even if the weather chose not to cooperate!

After Aidan's cord stump (Mostly) fell off, we were able to give him his first bath - which he didn't seem to mind too much. He got wrapped up nice and tight in his froggy towel when he got out, and the pictures were too cute not to post :)

Here is a picture of Aidan wearing his cool new rock n' roll onesie from his "older , more mature" buddy Jack Cerrone. Jack has his own blog where he shares his witty comments and his first moments too! Jack's mom and dad know that Brian loves music, and he was sure to dress Aidan in it the first chance he got!

Aidan loves his Daddy!

Having such an Irish name, and a bit of Irish blood, Aidan just HAD to dress up for St. Patricks Day!!! No green guiness for this little man, but the Kiss Me, I'm Irish shirt sure charmed the ladies at the doctor's office!

Here is Aidan and Brian parting ways. It was a hard day for Mommy, Daddy and Aidan as we said goodbye and watched his plane take off en route to Iraq. Daddy should be home in June though, and Mommy and Aidan can't wait!!

This past Wednesday, Aidan met his Papa Pete for the first time! Below you will find the men checking each other out. Papa Pete and Babci took a detour to San Antonio due to weather and the plane almost running out of fuel, but they made it here to Ft. Hood eventually, albeit a few hours late and tired from traveling. They certainly were excited to meet (and reconnect) with their grandson though!

We'll continue to post updates as they happen, thanks for reading!


  1. HE IS BEYOND ADORABLE!!! Kisses to him for all of us (so glad he likes the onesie)!!! Safe travels and get home soon Brian!
    Kell, John and Jack

  2. Grandma looks on the blog every day ,just to see Aidan with mommy and daddy. His expressions are priceless! can't wait to give him hugs and kisses again.

  3. Love the pictures of Aiden... he sure liked his first bath a lot more than Cassidy did! How adorable are those pictures!?! The picture of him and Brian in the airport made me sad about Chris leaving us soon! Glad to hear you are doing well.